Reconnecting with Nature

At the dawn of time man roamed free, living in small tribes. This life had it’s dangers but it gave us the sense of belonging and identity which all psychologist agree are crucial elements for our happiness and well being. With the advent of agricultural we stepped into change. The population growth which ensued, rapidly took us to a point of no return – we depended on cultivating plants for survival. In effect, hunter-gatherer life was lost forever as we became enslaved to tending the plants on which our survival depended.

With the industrial revolution life for people changed again. The population exploded and people started living in increasingly large and impersonal communities. The world myriad of tribes or small rural communities were broken up. In modern cities or suburbs you can go through an entire day meeting only strangers. As affluence and urbanisation rise, rates of suicide and depression go up. According to the World Health Organisation, people in wealthy countries suffer eight times the depression rate of those in poorer ones.

Within this crisis sits the modern company. Something primal drives many individuals to sacrifice everything for the firm they work for. Researching this phenomenon both within the corporate world and with leading anthropologists and psychologists, I have come to realise that the instinct to serve the tribe before the self is fundamental to why many people work to the detriment of their mental and physical health as well as their family and social lives. We have, as a society, effectively become slaves to big corporations. The irony is that these same companies, which demand such a high toll from their employees are also owned in part by those very same people, in the form of ISA, pension funds and direct stock holdings. As a species we seem programmed to deliver ourselves into one form of bondage of another and we are often producing the chains which bind us ourselves.

One way of addressing this problem, is to reconnect with our true nature and that means reestablishing a relationship with our natural environment. This is where Earth People and the organisations it supports can help. By visiting our centres around the world people will be able to experience a renewed bond with nature and allow themselves the space to reset their priorities in life. At the same time, these visits provides much needed funding and awareness to help protect some of the worlds most precious habitats.

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