Earth People

An Idea is Born

My name is Jonathan and I founded Earth People after a life-changing event in 2018 while staying in Kho Phangan, Thailand. I guess we all have those “road to Damascus” moments once or twice in a lifetime and I knew that this was one of mine. The moment was simple and unexpected, as these things often are. Read More

Reconnecting with Nature

At the dawn of time man roamed free, living in small tribes. This life had it’s dangers but it gave us the sense of belonging and identity which all psychologist agree are crucial elements for our happiness and well being. With the advent of agricultural we stepped into change. The population growth which ensued, rapidly took us to a point of no return – we depended on cultivating plants for survival. In effect, hunter-gatherer life was lost forever as we became enslaved to tending the plants on which our survival depended. Read More

Earth People – the coming months

Launched less than a week ago, the early response to Earth People has been incredible and humbling. This video is to thank everyone for their support and to provide a guide to the development planned for the coming months.

News Update: 2/4/2018

Website launched

As a preliminary platform to galvanise interest and answer questions, a first stage website has been launched marking the beginning of a campaign to build a global social media presence.

News Update: 31/3/2018

A Dream is Born:

In Kho Phangan, during a festival, a workshop triggers the launch of what promises to become a major force in world conservation. Every idea starts as a dream and each dream takes form with the first step. That step has just been taken and initial feedback and interest suggests this is a much needed niche in the world movement to combat the effects of human consumption on the environment.